Snow, Frost & Ice, a gallery containing my photographs taken during and depicting the Winter season.
Tree on a slippery slope.
Snow ridge tree
Bearstone winter - Peak District
Dividing line
Drift over
Snow Grove - Peak District
Black Ice
Tuft tree hill
Lines in the snow
Silver and White
Bolehill blanket
Silver lined blanket
South Downs sprinkling
The Low tree
Oak in a snowstorm
Corner Copse
White Bridge
The frosty Wey
Cold Oak
Gelid meadow
Frozen gold
January hoar frost
Chrome tree
Downland Winter
Frozen Fish
Frosty Fishermans hut.
Dividing Line - Peak District
Snow Plough
Snow covered log piles
Winter tree - Hawkshead, Lake District.
Flurry - South Downs
Snowy assemblage
Patchwork Peak
The Dale tree
White Gold
Cold shoulder
A path runs through it.
Dusted field
Frosty Wey
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