Snow, Frost & Ice, a gallery containing my photographs taken during and depicting the Winter season.
Tree on a slippery slope.
Snow ridge tree
Bearstone winter - Peak District
Dividing line
Drift over
Snow Grove - Peak District
Black Ice
Tuft tree hill
Lines in the snow
Silver and White
Bolehill blanket
Silver lined blanket
South Downs sprinkling
The Low tree
Oak in a snowstorm
Corner Copse
White Bridge
The frosty Wey
Cold Oak
Gelid meadow
Frozen gold
January hoar frost
Chrome tree
Downland Winter
Frozen Fish
Frosty Fishermans hut.
Fishermans hut Winter morning
Frosty Wey
Frozen Orange
Dew drops on Silver
Twinkle Trees
Hot and Cold
Frozen tangle
Silver trunk
Thursley Common duckboard frost.
Radiant dawn
Frozen post
Chawton Park woods in the snow
Dusting Chawton
Chawton covered
Winters chilling embrace
Cold shelter
Blizzard Edge
A blizzards bough
Llynnau Mymbyr ice bank
Pearlescent canopy
Snow cone
A thousand frozen footsteps.
Bulrush and Branch
Hankley blizzard
Watercress winter
Watercress winter II
Dividing ridgeline
White Ash
Bench in a snowstorm
Dividing Line - Peak District
Snow Plough
Snow covered log piles
Winter tree - Hawkshead, Lake District.
Flurry - South Downs
Snow path through Heather
Cold Copiousness
Snowy assemblage
Patchwork Peak
The Dale tree
White Gold
Cold shoulder
Frosty fork
A path runs through it.
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